Frameless Glass Pool Fencing in Sydney by Instyle

Frameless glass pool fences are definitely the choice for properties at the high end of the market where an unobstructed view is of importance. Today, as trends change to a more open environment, frameless fences are becoming more and more popular in the average suburban back yard.

Frameless pool fencing in Sydney and around Australia has come a long way since its conception, and has allowed companies such as Instyle Glass Fence to tailor a glass fence to suit your needs.

When choosing Instyle to construct your pool fence, we consider all options before construction. Our philosophy is to ensure that your investment not only adds value to your property, but more importantly creates a safe environment for you family to enjoy for many years to come.

There are 3 main ways to fix a frameless glass pool fence in place – spigot fixed, or clamp fixed, which is still our most popular choice. We use the highest quality spigots made from 316 marine grade stainless steel with many styles and finishes such as round “bullet” shaped clamps or square rectangular with either satin or polished finish. Core hole drilling through paved concrete surfaces is the most common form of installation, securing with a high strength non shrink grout. If the position of the glass fence is not on a hard surface, a concrete structure such as a footing with need to be installed.

Pin fixed or standoff pin is another common way to install frameless fencing and is widely used on retaining walls or stairs, where optimising space is necessary. This method is used predominantly on masonry and timbers walls and structures, fixed with 50mm dia 316 marine grade stainless steel pins which bolt through holes in the glass.

Channel or slot fixed frameless fencing gives the look of the glass emerging straight out of the landscape or floor, this method can be arranged during the construction stage by leaving a suitable slot in the form work prior to concrete being poured, or we can fix a strong channel to the paved surface or installed during the construction of timber decking. The glass is then grouted into place using a high strength non shrink grout.

Frameless glass pool fences uses is 12mm (min thickness) toughened safety glass with polished edges, which is certified to conform to or exceed Australian standards. The glass paneling can be manufactured to suit all applications and conditions, to enhance any project.

Safety is always a priority, and we ensure that all of our gate fittings are viciously tested by our suppliers. Hinges and latches with our entire glass fence systems are 316 grade stainless steel with no plastic components visible.

Quality and service is what the team at Instyle Glass Fence stands by, so contact us for a free measure and quote.

img Having a glass fence shouldn't mean endless time spent cleaning. We recommend EnduroShield easy clean glass treatment. EnduroShield reduces cleaning time by up to 90% and provides superior protection against salt, dirt, and grime. Available in a simple to apply Do It Yourself Kit or can be applied by certified applicators.