Semi Frameless Fencing in Sydney by Instyle

Semi frameless pool fencing has become a popular alternative to the traditional metal picket fencing most pools have today. With the right application and advice, a semi frameless pool fence can enhance and add value to your property.

May it be replacing the existing fence or a new fence, the experienced Instyle Glass Fence team can advise the correct methods regarding installation and maintenance so that the semi frameless fencing on your Sydney property will look and preform like new for many years to come.

Semi frameless pool fencing can be installed in all situations. Most glass pool fences are core hole drilled either on a tiled or concrete surface and the posts are set with a high strength non shrink grout. In an event where existing paving on a sand bed is apparent, the pavers need to be removed and concrete pads installed prior to core hole drilling. Where a glass fence is on a deck, we would prefer to cut through the decking boards and fix the posts to the structure. Flange plates are available and used on occasion, however it is not recommended to be used as an alternative from the applications mentioned above.

We insure that all building codes and Australian standards are met with all installations.

A common mistake when ordering a semi frameless pool fence is choosing the wrong coloured posts. Matching trims on a dwelling or light colours will obstruct the transparency that you are trying to achieve. We have overcome this by using an anodised finish on our posts that looks very similar to a brushed stainless steel. Manufactured from high quality aluminium, the post are mechanically polished and coated with 25 micron anodising.

The posts have been designed and developed by us in conjunction with a major aluminum company and have been vigorously tested. Reports are available to all our clients.

We use 10mm clear toughened A grade safety glass for the panels and 8mm for the gate. Panels can span up to 1.800mtrs wide using our posts, and you can be assured that we have one of the strongest semi frameless fencing systems in the market.

All glass is certified A grade safety and complies with Australian Standards AS2208.

As a leading Sydney semi frameless fencing installer, we always ensure that our gate fittings are of the highest quality and with safety in mind. All gate components have passed extensive cycle tests.

Polished stainless steel with no plastic components certainly complements the semi frameless pool fence.

img Having a glass fence shouldn't mean endless time spent cleaning. We recommend EnduroShield easy clean glass treatment. EnduroShield reduces cleaning time by up to 90% and provides superior protection against salt, dirt, and grime. Available in a simple to apply Do It Yourself Kit or can be applied by certified applicators.